• It all started with Jasmine and Roses
  • Belinda Nielsen
It all started with Jasmine and Roses

How it all started...

I have always had a fascination with the flower and plant world.

I made my first floral water (or so I thought!) when I was six years old. We had a lot of jasmine and roses growing in our family garden. Oh, how I loved the strong intoxicating scent of those two.

So one day, I found plenty of empty glass bottles, I filled them with water and added loads of crushed jasmine and rose petals. This, I called perfume( oh dear!). I actually tried to sell each bottle to the neighbouring houses in our street. I succeeded in selling them, but I can't imagine how terrible they would have smelt after a day or two...(really bad!) I´m sure the neighbours just threw them out straight away!

So my interest in scent was started around the age of 6 and has since continued...I have since visited perfume houses in France and taken a perfume making course in England.

I later developed an interest in herbs, aromatherapy, reflexology, holistic & green living. 

I developed an interest in skincare when I was in my early 30´s. I developed eczema on my face. I tried so many creams and lotions and found that they would only help temporally, I started researching cosmetic ingredients and managed to make products for myself. My eczema has since left me, with only the occasional flare up on my eyelids, but with healthy eating, stress management, exercising and of course my products, it has all helped immensely.

My love, passion and knowledge for making skin care products have grown a lot since those early days. I am now very privileged to be able to produce skincare products that can also help others.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by and to get to know me a little better,

Until next time,

Much love,

Belinda xxx

  • Belinda Nielsen

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